Friday, February 24, 2012

When going to work can make you sick

Labor Department workers blame poor indoor air quality and black mold for health issues
Indoor air pollution can lead to a range of health effects.

Sometimes, the realization of how important indoor air quality is only dawns when people start feeling sick.

Over the last five years, workers at the Department of Labor and Workforce Development building have submitted multiple health complaints and brought indoor air quality to the forefront of priorities.

The building, which was nicknamed Plywood Palace (plywood emits VOCs such as formaldehyde and other chemicals), has been subject of mold mitigation efforts, renovations to fix leaks and re-wrapping with an aluminum fa├žade, but many employees are still reeling from the health effects.

Some employees have developed allergies or experienced severe allergic reactions to pollutants in the building. Others have reported irritated eyes and throats, difficulty breathing, headaches, confusion, memory loss, swollen glands, sinus infection, chest pressure and other symptoms.

Not only are these symptoms distracting and affecting morale, they have also led to an increase to the absenteeism rate due to sick leaves, for example. Employees are moved around in the building as mold is found and covered up with plastic to prevent the release of spores.

The building was constructed in the 1980s and is suffering from major construction problems, including leaks, breached vapor barriers and more.

The employees say their symptoms subside when they leave the building, which is a major sign for poor indoor air quality issues and sick building syndrome.

Source: Juneau Empire

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