Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mold irks office workers, who won’t move back into building

Exposure to mold has been
linked to health problems.
The Colbert County Board of Education offices are infiltrated with mold.

But even after the renovations recommended by an environmental consultant, one official isn’t sure he would let the staff move back into the building.

Instead, they are asking for a new building to be provided or built.

The employees knew there was a problem with the current building because they saw water leaking into it.

Mold can start growing after 24-48 hours, and in this case it had already spread by the time a new roof was installed.

While the mold in these offices was not toxic, it is recommended that people with allergies or respiratory problems stay away from it.

Mold was found behind vinyl wall covering, growing between the wallpaper and the wall board, and around block walls as well as air conditioning vents.

According to the environmental consultant, renovating the building by removing the moldy materials and fixing or controlling the moisture levels inside the building would prevent a mold problem from recurring.

The office workers exposed to the mold complained of skin rashes, sores, hair loss, headaches when inside the building, metallic taste in the mouth and stomach problems.

Source: Times Daily

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