Friday, February 3, 2012

ABC staff worried about indoor air quality in new building

Indoor air quality at the workplace is an important subject.
Television broadcaster ABC’s construction of a new building in South Bank came in over budget, but cuts could negatively affect the indoor air quality in the space, according to reports by ABC’s current affairs program AM.

In fact, the concerns over the possible IAQ issues caused one of the project’s environmental officers to temporarily resign in 2010, they say.

The cuts could affect the building’s quality of mold prevention, air conditioning and ventilation.

This would be enough for any building to possibly breed unhealthy indoor air conditions, but broadcasting centers also have to deal with a lot of technical equipment, cameras, screens and consoles, which can add to the indoor air pollution.

The ABC staff reportedly looked forward to a greener and healthier building, after the broadcaster announced the move, possibly because 18 women working at the Toowong office had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The environmental officer resigned because the energy and IAQ ratings for the building were “poor”, but the officer came back a month later.

The budget for the new building was $50 million, but was cut down to $47 million. However, in 2009 the ABC reported that the estimated costs were pegged at $90 million according to the original plans.

Source: Brisbane Times

Never cut down on air quality measures and worker health

Indoor air quality has become such a hot topic because it can have profound effects on the health and well-being, productivity and morale of the workers.

Adequate ventilation, an appropriate heating and air conditioning system and other preventive measures are a must to ensure a healthy working environment.
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