Wednesday, February 15, 2012

European asbestos trial finds two industrialists guilty

Asbestos trial sentences two men to prison
and to pay damages.
An Italian court on Monday sentenced two men to 16 years in prison over thousands of asbestos-related deaths.

The Swiss billionaire and Belgian baron were major decision makers in a company making Eternit fiber cement and were found guilty in failing to comply with safety regulations.

As part of their sentence, they were ordered to pay damages to civil parties that could add up to millions of dollars.

The trial piqued worldwide interest since it could be a potential precedent for similar trials.

Exposure to asbestos fibers continues to affect former workers and nearby residents, with many developing cancer and lung disease.

The company went bankrupt six years before asbestos was banned in Italy in 1992.

Asbestos was a widely used material in building insulation and other building materials because of its ability to absorb sound and to resist fire.

However, the material has been banned in Europe and North America because the inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause lung inflammation and cancer, sometimes only 20 years after the exposure.

Asbestos continues to be used in developing countries.

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Take precautions when dealing with asbestos

Even though asbestos has been banned for some time, it can still be found in many older buildings and homes.
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  1. Im glad this case is getting some international attention. Here's a different perspective from the BAN Asbestos movement:

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