Monday, February 27, 2012

Dry cleaners looking for green laundering methods

Greener dry cleaning machines can reduce
exposure to harmful chemicals.
Some dry cleaning businesses are taking the plunge, investing in new clothes laundering machines that do not use harmful chemicals and solvents.

New closed circuit system machines don’t release volatile organic compounds and work faster than the old machines, helping the company’s bottom line.

Not only do the new machines work 20 minutes faster, they also use much less of a dry-cleaning solution than their predecessors did.

The new machines are much better for the environment and for the air quality inside the business, making it a better health and safety option.

The most common solvent in the dry cleaning industry is still perchloroethylene (perc), a suspected carcinogen that easily becomes airborne or can contaminate the business’ surrounding land, water and air.

The problem is that most dry cleaning businesses are small and located close to schools and homes.

With a closed-circuit system, a smaller amount of solvents is used and the they are contained in the system, making it a much safer and environmentally friendlier choice.

Source: The Spokesman-Review

Clean the air in dry cleaning businesses

Not every dry cleaning operation has the resources to upgrade their equipment right away. However, fumes from perchloroethylene and other petroleum-based solvents remain a concern for the people working there or living close by.

Electrocorp offers industrial-strength air cleaners with deep-bed activated carbon filters, HEPA and other filtration technologies to remove the widest range of indoor air contaminants.

Activated carbon is the most trusted and effective air filter to adsorb chemicals and gases such as perchloroethylene, formaldehyde and petroleum-based fumes.

The air cleaners can be used as stand-alone air purification systems (and can be moved around according to need) or they can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or attached to the existing ventilation system.

For more information and options, please contact Electrocorp today.
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