Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smoking in casinos – time for a ban?

Smoking in casinos is still allowed,
but health concerns spur debates.
Casinos have long been exempt from smoking bans that were implemented in other public places.

Many casino owners and patrons believe smoking and gambling go hand in hand.

Still, ever-mounting evidence of the negative health effects of smoke and exposure to secondhand smoke is causing lawmakers to reconsider their stance on the issue.

In Kansas, smoking has been banned in indoor settings except private residences, adult care homes, up to 20 percent of rooms in hotels, some private clubs, tobacco shops and casinos.

What carries higher costs - a ban or no ban?

A ban on smoking on casino floors could cost the casinos and the state millions of dollars, opponents of the ban say.

But didn’t restaurant owners say exactly the same thing? Most places are thriving now because people still go to restaurants and are not bothered by cigarette smoke.

According to the casinos, a large number of gamblers also smoke – and banning the cigarettes would be like banning popcorn at the movies, they say.

However, smoking does not only affect the smokers themselves, it also puts the casino workers at risk as well as the other non-smoking gamblers.

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of dangerous chemicals that cling to surfaces and constitute serious health risks, including higher risks of lung cancer, heart disease, bronchitis and asthma.

Source: Wichita Eagle

Improve the indoor air quality in casinos

Experts warn that ventilation systems in many casinos are simply unable to handle the tobacco smoke on the casino floors.

One way to improve the indoor air quality is by using suitably placed air filtration systems with activated carbon + HEPA and special smoke and tar filters.

Electrocorp offers portable as well as wall-mountable and HVAC-compatible air cleaners with the safest and most effective air filters for casinos, bars and restaurants.

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