Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Police constable sues force after inhaling cannabis fumes

Fumes from drying marijuana plants made her ill, a woman
police constable claimed.
A woman police constable cleaning up a cannabis factory claimed the fumes made her ill and caused her to injure herself on the job.

The policewoman sued the Hampshire Police Force and won nearly £5,000 after cutting her thumb when she tried to open a window.

She said the force breached its duty as an employer by exposing her to cannabis fumes and failing to provide protective equipment, especially thick gloves.

The police constable was cleaning out a property used to grow marijuana plants, and the policewoman's lawyer argued that the flat was dangerous and featured foreseeable risk of injury.

The constables were only given thin latex gloves and the property suffered from limited ventilation, he said.

The police force contested the ruling, saying that the police constable's job was pulling out cannabis plants. Thick gloves did not seem necessary, as there were no sharp edges involved.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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