Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Health club fumes an occupational hazard

A recent chemical fumes leak in a health club in South Wales serves as a reminder about how important clean air is in a work environment.

In the incident last Sunday, more than 25 fire and rescue service officers were dispatched to the men-only Greenhouse Health Club in Newport just after 9 pm, when a chemical leak was reported in.

An explosion in the club's pump room is being blamed. The chemicals stored in the room include hazardous substances used for sauna and pool maintenance.
Indoor swimming pool and hot tub maintenance
often involves the use of harsh chemicals.

Due to the explosion, a small amount of bromine was released, a chemical that is used to sterilize hot tubs, for example.

One person was treated and taken to the hospital after inhaling the chemical fumes.

There were eight clients in the club at the time.

The fire and rescue service officers secured the site and evacuated all guests, wearing chemical suits and breathing apparatus. The incident took almost five hours to resolve.

Source: BBC News

Air purification systems for health clubs and spas

RAP series air purifiers feature
activated carbon and HEPA filters.
Health club and spa employees who regularly handle or use chemicals and hazardous substances may be inhaling fumes that can affect their health.

Proper handling techniques and personal protective equipment are a must, but a portable and efficient air purification system can easily provide healthier air for employees and guests.

The air handler should feature activated carbon and HEPA filters as well as a UV filter to remove odors, fumes, gases, chemicals, dust, particles, viruses, bacteria and mold.

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