Friday, August 16, 2013

Fungal-infected prisons suffer from poor IAQ

Inmates and employees at prisons may develop health problems from poor indoor air quality

Prisoners and jail employees can be
affected by poor indoor air quality.
A deadly fungal infection known as valley fever is a concern in California, where the disease goes airborne in the rainy fall season.

Those susceptible to the disease will be affected by the spores that root in the soft tissue of the lungs.

In some California prisons, valley fever has prompted a judge to order many prisoners to be moved. The prisons are often located close to highways and other sources of poor indoor air quality.

But as California's prisons are overcrowded, there is no way to ensure all the susceptible prisoners be moved in time to avoid the deadly disease.

Source: East Bay Express

Improve indoor air quality with air purifiers

In prisons and holding cells, a portable air purification system can help remove airborne particles, chemicals, spores and other contaminants that may affect health and well-being.

Electrocorp's range of IAQ solutions include different air filters - HEPA and UV for biological contaminants, particles and dust, activated carbon for chemicals, odors and fumes - and can be modified according to need.

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