Thursday, August 15, 2013

Construction dust a big health and safety risk

Inhaling dust and particles at construction sites is a
major health and safety issue, officials say.
Construction workers that don't protect themselves from inhaling even small amounts of dust on the job could put their health at risk, health and safety officials say.

In Britain, about 500 workers die each year from conditions related to the inhalation of dusts from concrete, wood, sandstone, mortar and gypsum.

In order to reduce these numbers and improve the health and safety for construction workers, Britain's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers a free seminar on Sept. 20 on the dangers of construction dust and measures of protection.

The seminar is organized by the Working Well Together group and will take place in Coalville, Leicestershire, to increase awareness among managers and supervisors about health effects associated with dusts.

Dust inhalation linked to ill health

One major health effect is the possible development of silicosis, a respiratory disease caused by breathing in silica dust.

Silica is a common, naturally-occurring crystal and it is present in many construction materials.

Intense exposure can lead to health problems right away, but typically, health effects only emerge after 10 to 15 years of regular exposure.

"Construction dust is not just a nuisance, it is a serious risk to workers' health," said Chris Lucas of HSE’s Health Risk Management Unit in a news article about the seminar. He'll be speaking during the seminar. 

"Regularly breathing in even small amounts of dust over a long time can cause life-changing and life-threatening lung diseases, including cancer," he added. "Common jobs like cutting or grinding concrete, chasing out mortar, drilling in enclosed spaces or sanding wood can be high risk if not properly controlled." 

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Source: Occupational Health and Safety Online

Air purification systems for construction and renovation projects 

Apart from personal protective systems, a portable yet highly efficient air cleaner helps provide cleaner air at construction and renovation work sites.

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AirRhino Series 
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5000 Series 
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