Monday, July 30, 2012

Workplace IAQ: How important is air duct cleaning in offices?

Offices can expose workers to dust, mold and chemicals.
Many people don’t mind being indoors in their air conditioned offices during the hot summer months, but office buildings have to be well maintained in order to avoid indoor air quality problems.

Spending day after day in offices with poor indoor air quality can lead to reduced productivity and health effects such as chronic coughs and sneezing, scratchy throats, itchy eyes, headaches and aggravated respiratory conditions like asthma.

When it comes to indoor air pollution, a lot of people tend to blame mold for health issues, occupational hygienists say.

However, mold may not be the cause of the IAQ concerns – in many cases the culprits are airborne chemicals and dust.

Health effects of dust exposure

Dust, which contains fine particles of fibers, skin scales, insect parts, pollen, cobwebs, dirt, dander and more, settles on surfaces everywhere in the office.

Regular cleaning can help control this aspect of indoor air quality, although companies should insist on non-toxic cleaning agents to avoid the spread of irritating chemicals throughout the office.

Unfortunately, experts note that even with regular cleaning, dust may settle in areas that are inaccessible, including the building’s air ducts.

Once dust gets in the air ducts, it can stay there for years, or it might be circulated throughout the office where it can affect employees’ health and well-being.

Since people spend so much time in offices and there could be a lot of dust, yearly air duct cleanings are recommended, as long as they are done by professionals with the right equipment.

Source: Digital Journal press release

Removing pollutants from the office air
The PrintSafe features a custom
source capture hood that removes
pollutants from the printer exhaust.

Dust, allergens, fine particles, chemicals, VOCs, odors, gases and biological contaminants can be removed easily and efficiently with Electrocorp’s air cleaners for offices and air cleaners for office printers.

As an industry leader in air cleaners for commercial and industrial applications, Electrocorp offers some of the largest adsorbent surface areas, the most customizable options and features and the most relevant filtration media at the best price. The air cleaners contain a multistage filtration system with activated carbon, HEPA and optional UV germicidal filtration.

The company’s portable and HVAC-compatible air cleaners can help keep the office air clean and healthy.

Contact Electrocorp to talk to an IAQ expert about your concerns and space.

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