Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spas inch ever closer to ‘green’ care

Organic spa products are becoming more common.
While most spas and salons across North America use products that are choc-full of chemicals such as ammonium lauryl sulfate (a skin and eye irritant), and quaternium-15 (a known allergen), more and more spas in the United States are opting for the organic route. 

Be Pure Organic Salon and Boutique in Pittsburgh is just one of several spas taking the high road, and owner Kelly Miller takes this business very seriously.

In an article by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Miller explains that each ingredient should be so natural that none of us would be afraid to eat it.

Miller is not the only believer in her area. Many other salons and spas in Pennsylvania, like Tula Organic, are embracing the organic route and utilizing big-name products, like Aveda, to do so.

Becky Spitler and Emily Askin own Tula Organic. They believe people are looking for a more sustainable life, both inside the home and out.

Despite the move toward more organic, plant-based products, some chemicals continue to be used. There is, therefore, still a need to mitigate the effects of those chemicals within the spas and salons.  

As treatments are performed within closed spaces, both customers and employees are at risk for indoor air pollution. It is important to find an air cleaning solution that will create a healthier environment.

Finding the right air cleaner for your spa or salon

Electrocorp's CleanBreeze 3 was
conceived specifically for salons and spas

When deciding what to purchase for your establishment, factor in the different services you offer.

Do you have a manicure and pedicure service? Do you dye hair? Do you use aerosol hairsprays?

All of these different services and treatments include varying degrees of chemicals. Even a simple shampoo and blow-dry can release chemicals into the air.

Electrocorp offers several air cleaners for salons and spas.

The CleanBreeze 3 is an

easy-to-maneuver air cleaner that can be wheeled over to a manicure table, a hair dyeing station or a styling station. It has an articulating arm with a precision cap you can angle according to the type of treatment or service you are providing. The cap draws in the harmful chemicals as well as any odors and particles in the air. 

Manufactured in North America and using a carbon filtration system, the energy-efficient CleanBreeze 3 is yet another way you can safely and easily contribute to the green movement.

Do you have any questions, comments or concerns about chemicals in spas or salons? Let us know by posting a message. We’ll be happy to respond.

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