Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roofing tiles now 'eat' smog

As people are becoming more health-conscious, the need for eco-friendly products in and around the house is increasing. Now, it is possible to install roofing tiles that are not only environmentally conscious, but actually help reduce smog. See the video below for details.

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Air cleaners for indoor work

Though these smog-eating tiles are an added benefit to the construction industry and to the people living and working in these buildings, indoor air cleaners are an equally important component for reducing air pollution.

When working in construction and restoration, using an air cleaner, such as the AirRhino series, will help crews work and breathe better indoors. A highly versatile cleaner, the AirRhino can be used to filter particles, chemicals, gases and odors from the air. Filters range from traditional bag filters, to HEPA, UV and activated carbon filters. Switch the filtration system on site for whichever function you need the unit to have.

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  1. Wow, amazing. Another roofing tile innovation, maybe it will protect your roof and it will longer it's lifespan.

  2. This was such a interesting post and video. I was online looking at roofing companies in Hawaii when I came across your blog. I'm definitely happy I did because this was a very informative read, thank you for sharing this with us!