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China leads the world in eco-cities

Eco-cities are now becoming more the norm than the exception
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A recent survey by the University of Westminster indicates China builds the most eco-friendly cities in the world. 

Despite having a reputation for being one of the most polluted countries on earth, China has been making some significant strides in creating housing complexes that are both cost-effective and help residents consume less.

These eco-cities are popping up all over China, but people seem to move there more for the low prices and health benefits than for environmental reasons. 

Despite the fact that questions still abound with regards to China's primary source of energy used (coal-fired electricity) and how easily plant life can survive in polluted cities like Dezhou, steps have been taken toward building more eco-conscious, energy-saving apartment buildings.

The second-most eco-friendly country has been slated at the United States. Unlike the Chinese, Americans tend to prize eco-friendly homes for the positive impacts they have on the environment.

Source: USA Today

 Building safe and ecological homes

When environmentally-friendly apartment complexes are planned, many different building materials are needed.

From sustainable lumber to formaldehyde-free insulation to multiple air filtration systems and VOC-free paints, there are a lot of elements to incorporate into the design and construction of these complexes. 

For buildings that are built in polluted or industrialized areas, it is extremely important to protect the residents’ health; both on the inside and outside of the buildings.

Merely using eco-friendly materials is not enough. Living in polluted surroundings will undoubtedly affect the indoor air quality. This is why installing air cleaners in the central air system is extremely important.

Air cleaners for eco-friendly homes

An integral part of the planning process is the environmental consultant. He or she will suggest which materials are most beneficial for the environment.

Working in conjunction with architects, environmental consultants can determine the best industrial-grade air cleaners to use with regards to the size of the buildings and their proximity to polluted areas. 

Electrocorp's I-6500 series
Electrocorp’s I-6500 AH is an industrial-grade air cleaner which contains a filter of up to 160 pounds of activated carbon.

This filter is used to eliminate pollutants, like ozone, exhaust fumes and other organic chemicals, from the air. It is also refillable.

An additional 12-inch deep medical-grade HEPA filter helps to rid the air of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The unit is completely customizable and can be attached to the building’s central air system. 

Installing units such as this one will result in an eco-friendly home, from the inside out.

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