Tuesday, January 17, 2012

VIDEO: Indoor air pollution in schools

School buildings are often plagued by poor indoor air quality, which can affect students and teachers as well as administrative staff, experts say.

Reported symptoms include headaches, stuffed-up nose, irritated eyes, nose and throat and more.

CNN reports on the indoor air quality in schools:

Clean the indoor air in schools

Since many school buildings suffer from poor ventilation and poor IAQ, facility managers need to improve the situation with
  1. Source control - not intriducing any pollutants into the air;  
  2. Ventilation - opening windows regularly, maintaining or upgrading the HVAC system, making sure the air moves around and is exchanged at the proper rates; and 
  3. Air cleaning - portable, stand-alone air cleaners with many pounds of activated carbon and a medical-grade HEPA filter as well as optional UV germicidal filtration can help move the air around while cleaning it continuously.

Electrocorp offers industrial-strength air cleaners for schools and universities.

Contact us to find out more.

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