Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupational Health and Safety claims cost a quarter of a trillion annually

Workplace injury and illness can be costly.
Work injuries and sick days cost companies $250 billion each year, according to a study by J. Paul Leigh, professor of public health services at the University of California at Davis.

Much of the cost of being absorbed by Medicare, Medicaid and insurance provided by employers, the researcher says, but the numbers mean that workplace injury and illness are responsible for direct and indirect costs for cancer, diabetes and strokes (taking up $31 billion, $76 billion and $187 billion respectively).

Occupational health should be a more pressing concern in the workforce, Leigh says in an article on BusinessNewsDaily.com.

With most people between the ages of 22 and 65 spending 40 percent of their time at work, the potential for health risk is high and keeps on growing, he says.

The figures are based on occupational injury and illness data from 2007, which recorded the costs shouldered by workers, and Leigh also factored in underreported injuries and illnesses.

By taking the estimated number of cases and multiplying that by the average cost per case, he got the final estimation of $250 billion.

This research was published in a December issue of the Milbank Quarterly: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Population Health and Health Policy.

Source: Business News Daily 

Prevention is best when it comes to occupational health and safety

Risk awareness, appropriate safety measures and action plans are extremely important to keep workers safe and healthy and to keep costs down.

One major part of occupational health and safety is indoor air quality, which is often overlooked, but can become a huge contributor to workplace illness and injuries.

Most buildings have some IAQ problems. The solutions for better indoor air quality include source control, ventilation and air cleaning.

A good air cleaner with the right amount of filtration media and the right type of filters can help keep the air clean. For example,activated carbon is the most important filter media for gaseous pollutants and odors, while high-dust environments require an effective particle or bag filter.

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