Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chemical exposure: Businesses looking for safer solutions

Smaller businesses listen to clients' concerns about toxic chemicals in household products and materials
Clients and businesses demand safer products and materials.

Small businesses need to be tuned into their clients’ preferences and concerns in order to survive.

Since chemical exposure and indoor air quality is now ranking high as a public health concern, it is no wonder many small businesses are supporting their clients’ wishes for safer alternatives and better regulations.

In Maine, for example, more than 100 businesses have signed or written letters urging government officials to take action on this issue, saying they are worried about recalls and their liability when toxic chemicals are revealed in the products they are using or selling.

More than 150 businesses also participated in a survey, which showed that businesses regularly encounter clients asking about toxic chemicals or potential hazards.

Many consumers and businesses have been calling for an updated federal standard, which would require chemical companies to demonstrate the safety of their products before they are widely used, allow more public information on chemicals and their health impacts, give EPA the best available science to do research on chemicals and support businesses that are developing safer chemicals.

The new Safe Chemicals Act would update the Toxic Substances Control Act from 1976.

Source: Sun Journal 

Cleaner air is safer air
Activated carbon is among the most effective and trusted
filter media to remove gaseous pollutants indoors.

Small businesses and professionals working in people’s homes can boost their chemical confidence by using a portable yet powerful air cleaner with activated carbon and HEPA filtration technologies.

Electrocorp offers industrial-strength air cleaners with many pounds of granular activated carbon to adsorb a wide range of chemicals, gases, fumes and odors, plus a HEPA filter to trap airborne particles and dust.

The air cleaners can be used for construction (like welding and fume extraction), mold and asbestos remediation, woodworking, interior decorating (and painting) and general purpose air cleaning (Electrocorp is a division of AllerAir Industries, which provides home and office air purifiers).

Contact Electrocorp for more information.

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