Friday, April 13, 2012

Report exposes toxic chemicals in supposedly toxin-free nail polishes

Mislabeled nail products put customers and
workers at risk, California investigators say.
A California report raises concerns about some nail polishes in California salons that are advertised as being free of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) as being mislabeled.

According to the Department of Toxic Substances Control report, these products could put customers and workers at risk, since these chemicals have been linked to birth defects, asthma and other health problems.

The mislabeled nail products can be found in more than 48,000 nail salons in California.

Use of the three chemicals is legal if the product is properly labeled. The companies may face fines and legal requirements to change product labels.

Investigators found significant levels of chemicals

Out of the 12 products that claimed to be free of toluene, 10 actually contained the chemical, and four products contained dangerously high levels.

The investigators also found that five out of seven products claiming to be “free of the toxic three” had one or more of the chemicals in significant levels.

The mislabeled products include:

  • Sation 99 basecoat.
  • Sation 53 red-pink nail color.
  • Dare to Wear nail lacquer.
  • Chelsea 650 Baby's Breath Nail Lacquer.
  • New York Summer Nail Color.
  • Paris Spicy 298 nail lacquer.
  • Sunshine nail lacquer.
  • Cacie Light Free Gel Basecoat.
  • Cacie Sun Protection Topcoat.
  • Golden Girl Topcoat.
  • Nail Art Top-N-Seal.
  • High Gloss Topcoat.

These nail polishes are only available in salons, not in stores.

Inhaling the chemicals can be a significant occupational health and safety risk for the more than 121,000 licensed nail care technicians working in salons, especially when they are of childbearing age.

Poor ventilation is a common concern in nail salons, which adds to the potential exposure.

Source: CBC News

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