Monday, September 2, 2013

Safety awareness program for combustible dust

OHS Canada recently distributed the news that Aurora Pictures has recently released two new safety awareness programs, Combustible Dust Awareness and Ladder Safety.

Combustible dust hazards exist in a wide variety of industries: grain handling, food processing, plastics, wood and paper products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and metal fabrication, among many others.

In fact, over 130 products or materials have been identified that can present combustible dust hazards. Many facilities that have processes that produce dust or fine particles may be at risk for a dust explosion.

The 8-minute video provides a general awareness of how combustible dust explosions are caused and what you can do to recognize and mitigate the possible hazards before it’s too late.  It includes a detailed explanation of what combustible dust is and what makes dust such a highly combustible fuel source.

The other program concerns ladders, a common fixture both at work and at home. But statistics show that falls from ladders result in 300 deaths and 165,000 injuries yearly and that falls from a short height can result in serious injuries.

A 17-minute video details all of the hazards of working on a ladder. It discusses how to select the right ladder for the job, inspecting the ladder before use, how to transport and set up a ladder, working safely on ladders and ascending and descending ladders safely. For those who work with ladders, this video will give you all the information you need to ensure you and your employees are working safely.

Both of the programs are available in DVD and streaming media formats. Additional information or free preview is available by calling Electrolab Training Systems at 1-800-267-7482 or emailing

Source: OHS Canada

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