Wednesday, September 18, 2013

P&G halts use of 2 chemicals in personal care products

When it comes to beauty and personal care products, the promises may not be worth the possible health effects. In recent years, consumers have become more concerned about what kind of chemicals they are exposed to on a regular basis.
Companies are slowly phasing out
toxic chemicals from beauty products.

It seems to be working.

Procter & Gamble has announced it is phasing out the use of two chemicals by 2014 from its beauty and personal care products.

The chemicals are phthalates and triclosan, which advocates say have been linked to birth defects and infertility.

“We made a strategic choice to exit the use of these two ingredients for a couple of reasons, including feedback from some of the people who use our products,” company spokesman Dr. Scott Heid was quoted in a Cincinnati News article.

The company recently updated its timetable for discontinuing the chemicals’ use on its web site.

The company says the chemicals are safe and approved by regulators.

P&G says it will stop use of diethyl phthalate (DEP), the only phthalate it still uses. The chemical evaporates slowly and helps scents and colors last longer in products such as soap and shampoo.

Other types of phthalates called DBP and DEHP have been banned by the European Union and dropped by consumer product companies.

The consumer products giant also says it will stop using triclosan, an ingredient that slows or stops the growth of germs such as bacteria and mildew. P&G uses the antibacterial chemical in some of its dish soap, professional hand soap and other personal care products.

Source: Cincinnati News

Remove hazardous chemicals at the source

Even though some dangerous and toxic chemicals are being phased out, others may still linger after using certain beauty and personal care products.
CleanBreeze 2
by Electrocorp

Workers in spas, health clubs, hair salons and nail studios need to be aware of the risks to take steps toward healthier products and improved occupational health and safety procedures.

One way to minimize exposure to airborne chemicals and fumes from beauty and personal care products is by using a high-efficiency air cleaner with activated carbon and HEPA.

Electrocorp has designed commercial air cleaners for beauty salons and spas, including the CleanBreeze 2 and CleanBreeze 3, which both feature a source capture attachment to remove airborne contaminants right at the source.

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