Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mold problem forces relocation of residents in U of SC dorm

It's a problem facing many universities with aging buildings, now mold has forced students from their dorm at the University of South Carolina.

The school conducted tests on the 73-year-old building after students noticed mold forming about two weeks ago. Three of the dorm’s 117 rooms required serious cleaning forcing six students from their rooms into temporary housing. Another nine students with respiratory problems left as a precaution.

But some parents expressed concern about the health effects from the mold.

“She was exposed to something that we might not see until much later,” parents Lynn McKenzie told local media. She says her daughter  has been fighting a persistent cough since her first weekend on campus. “It’s not making me comfortable for her to continue living there.”

Sims along with the two other dorms that make up the Women’s Quad are slated to undergo a major $27 million renovation next summer.

Despite assurances the rooms will be cleaned, some parents and students remain uneasy about Sims.

“Who knows what I’m breathing in,” student Rachel Bennett told a reporter from The State newspaper. “I don’t want to be stuck with moldy room all year.”


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