Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Air quality one of many reasons for first-day school jitters in Fairhaven, MA

FAIRHAVEN, MA — Air quality was among the concerns of parents at Oxford Elementary School kindergarten orientation. Air-quality tests had threatened to keep students out of the building for the school year. However, results from new tests gave town officials the all clear to allow students in the building.

Oxford Elementary School has been closed since 2007, but the School Committee decided to use the building this year for students who usually attend the Wood School while a new school is being built on that site.
The start of most classes at Oxford was postponed after indoor air-quality tests came back positive for black mold spores.
"The experts say they have never seen a school district go to these extremes, and we probably overreacted," Hartley-Matteson said of the use of agents from the state's Department of Public Health. "But I would much rather overreact, because we know that everyone in this building is going to be safe."
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