Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Compensation fund set up for workers affected by welding fumes

Plaintiffs in welding fume litigation cases
may be able to benefit from a resolution fund.
Exposure to welding fumes is a high-risk occupational hazard and often the subject of legal pursuits.

Now a US District Judge has set up a fund for a $21.5 million settlement in a multidistrict litigation over the hazardous effects of welding fumes.

The Welding Fume Resolution Fund created by Judge Kathleen M. O’Malley is overseen by a fund administrator, who can determine how the money is dispersed, in accordance with Law360.

The multidistrict litigation involved almost 100 lawsuits, and another 700 or more were pending in other state or federal courts.

The plaintiffs in these lawsuits sought compensation for allegedly developing brain damage after exposure to dangerous welding fumes containing manganese from welding rods.

What are the effects of manganese?

Manganese poisoning (also known as manganism or “welders’ disease”) is caused by excessive exposure to the chemical element manganese (Mn), which is an essential component in iron and steel production.

The disease is sometimes mistaken for Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, or multiple sclerosis.

Manganese poisoning has been the subject of a number of product liability suits brought by welders who claim that manufacturers failed to warn that their products could cause welding fumes to contain dangerously high manganese concentrations.

The MDL agreement was reached earlier this year and affects many of these plaintiffs trying to get some justice in court.

Source: Sokolove Law

Welding fume extractors can remove dangerous chemicals, gases
One of Electrocorp's
welding fume extractors
with source capture.

Welding is an important part of many business processes, but keeping workers’ health and safety in mind has to be of utmost importance.

Electrocorp has developed industrial strength air cleaners for welding fume extraction that can handle the different chemicals, gases and toxins present in welding fumes.

The welding fume extractors contain a deep-bed activated carbon filter for gaseous pollutants, a source capture attachment for protection right where it’s needed and other filters for maximum overall dependability.

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