Monday, May 14, 2012

Chemical allergies cost shipyard worker his job

Exposure to chemicals can cause adverse
health symptoms in many people.
A BC shipyard worker who developed allergies after being exposed to harsh chemicals did not cooperate enough to keep his job and won’t get it back, a court of appeals has ruled.

The man had worked in the machine shop for 35 years but lost his job in 2007 after failing to do a medical exam to determine what work he could do at the shipyard.

The man was considered a competent and motivated worker when he developed an allergic condition in the 1990s, diagnosed as rhinitis and asbestosis.

The workplace made several changes, including upgrades to the ventilation system and doing certain work only when he wasn’t on shift, but in January 2007, he was exposed to a blast of chemicals from cutting oils and solvents in his office and suffered a bad allergic reaction.

He told his bosses he wasn’t willing to work in the shipyard anymore, but also refused to get tested to see how he could be accommodated.

Source: North Shore News

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