Monday, March 5, 2012

Schools can benefit from green cleaning practices

Advantages include reduced costs, improved indoor air quality and various health benefits
Harsh chemicals should not be
used in schools, experts say.

With many schools buying into the non-toxic approach when it comes to cleaning, the pungent smells of chlorine and ammonia may soon be a thing of the past.

Green cleaning practices are in vogue, advocating the use of less toxic chemicals and fragrances, using smaller amounts of basic cleaners (such as hydrogen peroxide) and maximizing the cleaning power of plain old water and microfiber cloth.

These new cleaning methods will not only bring better indoor air quality but also turn out to be less costly, administrators say.

Fewer chemicals to purchase means costs are lower and the reduced chemical exposures also have been linked to health benefits for students and staff, including reduced asthma symptoms.

Custodial workers sometimes need some additional training in green cleaning methods because they are relying less on harsh chemicals and heavy scents.

When new schools are built or old ones renovated, administrators can further help with improved indoor air quality by choosing the right building materials and furniture that won’t off-gas as many volatile organic compounds.

Carpet is not a great idea in schools because it is difficult to keep clean and can trap dust and chemicals. Newer models may be better, but other flowing choices may be preferable.

Other than associating the smell of harsh cleaning chemicals with cleanliness, custodians are now aiming to make sure the air inside smells as fresh as the air outside (if the school is not located in a very polluted or traffic-jammed area…)

Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Better air a must in schools

Green cleaning practices and other source control methods are great starting points for better indoor air quality in schools, which has been linked to improved student performance, less absenteeism and other health benefits.

Better ventilation and air cleaning provide other ways to improve the air quality. Ventilation can be improved by opening windows regularly and maintaining the ventilation system properly.

When it is not possible to open windows or if there is an issue with certain VOCs or chemicals, portable filtration systems in classrooms can help provide cleaner air and keep pollutants to a minimum.

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