Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brazilian Blowout maker settles class-action lawsuit

Brazilian Blowout agrees to pay consumers and
stylists who claim they were harmed by the treatment.
The hair-straightening product Brazilian Blowout has been under siege for a while after numerous complaints from users, government inquiries and filed claims.

The reason for all the excitement is the formaldehyde-content in the products, which the company allegedly failed to label correctly.

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and a toxic volatile organic compound that is emitted during the hair straightening process when heat is applied to the product in the hair to straighten it.

The company was also the subject of a class-action lawsuit, which it agreed to settle on Monday for about $4.5 million.

The agreement stipulates that consumers that say they were harmed by the product get $35 for each treatment (with a maximum of three per person), while stylists would receive $75 for each bottle of the product they purchased.

The company also has to change its marketing and take off the “formaldehyde-free “claims on the products, while also providing more detailed instructions on safe use.

The company settled another lawsuit earlier this year when it agreed to the California attorney general’s office to pay $600,000 in fees and penalties and to warn consumers about the release of formaldehyde from the product.

The company is still allowed to sell the popular hair straightening product and people are free to use it – but the goal was to make sure they use it in a safe way, litigators said.

Source: New York Times

Chemical concerns in salons and spas

CleanBreeze 3
for salons and spas
Formaldehyde is not the only chemical threat in hair salons and spas. Most hair products, including hairsprays, mousses, shampoos and other fragrance-filled treatments emit chemicals, volatile organic compounds and other toxins.

While good ventilation and proper use of the products are essential, many ventilation systems are unable to provide enough fresh air to reduce the chemical concentration in the ambient air.

An industrial-strength air cleaner from Electrocorp can help. Electrocorp has designed air cleaners specifically for the hair salon and spa environment, including nail salons.

The air cleaners are equipped with many pounds of activated carbon, HEPA and other filters to remove the widest range of indoor air pollutants from the ambient air.

Other air cleaners also feature a special source capture attachment to remove toxins right at the source and prevent them from spreading into the space.

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