Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unsellable Homes: Odor Control When Marketing a Property

Lingers odors are among the top turn-offs for property buyers. Leading the list of offensive scents are cigarettes and pets, neither of which can be remedied easily. 
Why cleaning and sprays don’t work
Sprays and even surface cleaning won’t work on difficult odors like smoke, urine or litter. Most products simply mask the odor or mingle with the existing odor. Often, these smells have been absorbed into draperies, carpet padding, floors and soft furniture making a spray or quick “airing out” ineffective. Sprays, cleaners and candles are also laden with chemicals and fragrances which trigger allergies and asthma and could aggravate the lungs of prospective buyers and homeowners. 

Safe industrial-strength air cleaning
Electrocorp air cleaners offer safe, industrial-strength air scrubbing in a compact and portable format. Units use activated carbon, the same material using in military gas masks, to remove stubborn odors, chemicals gases and fumes. Carbon is safe to use around people and pets and is favoured by heavy industry, laboratories and the military to safely remove some of the world’s toughest chemicals and odors.

An investment that pays  
Real estate agents that purchase air cleaners to have as part of their personal home-staging arsenal, can offer a value-added service to homeowners and can often recoup their investment with only one sale. 

Contact an Electrocorp Air Quality Expert to learn more about our industrial air cleaners.

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