Tuesday, August 7, 2012

VIDEO: Office air quality and possible health effects

Hundreds of thousands of people spend the majority of their days in an office environment.

Not everyone is lucky enough to work in a green, bright, healthy building - most offices are situated in older, less environmentally friendly structures.

Working in an office with poor indoor air quality can have an impact on the health, well-being and productivity of workers.

The IAQ Video Network and Cochrane and Associates have produced a new video about the dangers of indoor air pollution at the office to raise awareness:

The 3-minute video talks about common indoor air pollution sources as well as health effects.

Air cleaners for offices

Since it is often impossible for office workers to change an entire building's air quality, a room air purifier with the right filters can help provide cleaner and healthier air in their immediate surroundings.

Electrocorp has developed powerful air cleaners for the office that can tackle indoor air pollutants such as chemicals, volatile organic compounds, mold, bacteria, viruses, fine particles and allergens.

The air cleaners feature a complete multistage filtration system with a deep-bed activated carbon filter, a HEPA filter and optional UV germicidal filtration.

For large office printers and equipment, Electrocorp also offers air cleaners for office printers, which will capture irritating chemicals and particles at the exhaust with a custom-made intake hood to protect nearby workers from exposure.

For more information and a personalized consultation, please contact Electrocorp today.

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