Tuesday, June 12, 2012

IAQ technology: Easier way to detect mold in homes and other buildings

Some molds can affect
human health and well-being.
Mold contamination is one of the most common indoor air quality concerns in the United States – especially in millions of foreclosed homes that are abandoned without adequate ventilation.

Mold spores are a natural part of the environment, and mold contamination often occurs after some type of water infiltration in the building, which could be a flood, plumbing problem or leak.

But scientists have come up with a new, simple and fast method to detect and identify even low levels of airborne mold.

While most molds are harmless, some have been linked to health risks in humans. According to doctors, 20-30 percent of the population may be susceptible to mold.

Traditional methods of mold testing often tried to identify the spores that molds release into the air.

The scientists’ new method involves collecting air samples on a piece of commercially available aluminum foil and analyzing the spores with Raman microspectroscopy (RMS). The technique allowed the researchers to identify single spores of seven common types of mold.

The report describing the technique appears in the American Chemical Society’s journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Source: American Chemical Society

Control mold in buildings with source control, ventilation and air cleaning

Mold problems can quickly get out of hand; that is why experts suggest fixing water infiltration problems quickly, making sure that there is adequate ventilation and clean air.

Electrocorp has designed industrial-strength air cleaning systems with activated carbon, HEPA and UV germicidal filtration that can provide cleaner air and control mold.

The HEPA filter can help trap mold spores, while a UV lamp can help neutralize them and an activated carbon filter can help remove odors and mycotoxins that are associated with some molds.

Whether it’s air cleaners for mold and asbestos restoration projects or other industrial or commercial applications, Electrocorp’s wide range of units and customizable options provide the largest adsorbent surface areas, the most relevant filter media and 24/7 air cleaning.

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