Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Electrocorp air cleaners available worldwide

Electrocorp's RAP series air purifiers
Electrocorp air purification systems have become a go-to product for businesses and workers in North America and beyond, who are looking for cleaner, more breathable air.

The customizable air cleaners feature a substantial activated carbon air filter as well as HEPA and pre-filters to remove not only fine particles and dust, but also airborne chemicals, fumes, odors and gases.

Now Electrocorp offers shipping to international destinations such as Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

For more information on Electrocorp's industrial and commercial air cleaners, contact Electrocorp by writing to info@electrocorp.net or by calling 1-866-667-0297. For international calls: 514-335-4277.

Electrocorp is the industrial division of AllerAir Industries.

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