Thursday, January 9, 2014

Construction outlook for 2014

A little less single-family, more power and manufacturing

Manufacturing and power facilities will be strong in 2014,
construction experts predict.
Last year's construction spending was, at best, uneven, with the power sector – residential – covering up some mediocre and bad performances elsewhere.

Ken Simonson, chief economist for Associated General Contractors, expects construction for manufacturing and power facilities to experience double-digit growth percentages, warehouse construction to do well and lodging to continue its strong performance.

This year, Simonson expects, private nonresidential construction is looking at a 5% to 10% growth rate, public spending will continue to be bad news – though maybe not as bad as the 3% shrinkage in 2013 – and multifamily will pull residential spending to an increase of about 10%.

Interestingly, Simonson thinks single-family residential, which has been slowing somewhat in recent months, will stall later this year.

Looking at costs, some materials will be up and some down, but labor costs are where he sees the big problem coming for contractors.

Breathe better air on construction sites

The construction industry is fraught with occupational hazards, one of them being exposure to airborne fumes and particles at most stages of the construction work.

Construction workers can protect themselves by adhering to appropriate safety and protective measures, making sure the construction site is properly ventilated and using an on-site portable air cleaner with industrial-strength air filters, like the AirRhino series.

Electrocorp has designed activated carbon + HEPA air cleaners for industry that can remove airborne chemicals, fumes, vapors, odors, particles, dust and biological contaminants. 

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