Friday, June 7, 2013

Contractor blamed for poor building air quality in Pennsylvania

Source: WHTM/ABC27

The Department of General Services says work being done on a roof is to blame for a wave of air quality complaints by the employees of the Department of Revenue in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

"It was terrible," said Lori Coffey to ABC 27 news. "When they started, we started to get a really bad stench and I mean it, we were getting light-headed, our eyes were burning and I was getting a headache."

"There were fumes inside the building that were making people sick," said Crystal Singiser, a Revenue Department employee. "I mean, there were a couple of people who threw up."

Workers were moved to another section of the building and the roofing work has been suspended.

A union representing state employees said it will file grievances on behalf of workers.

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