Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Formula one experts gather to discuss advances and cutting emissions

Photo: Freedigitalphotos.net
Motorsport engineers from around the world are among the specialists gathering at Birmingham City University’s city centre campus today to look at how elite auto engineering can help in the race to make road cars become even more efficient ahead of strict EU regulations.
McLaren and Caterham Formula One racing teams, plus Audi Sport and Drayson racing will be among the big names who will be providing an insight into some of the current challenges and opportunities that the motorsports industry is embracing.

The 2013 Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium aims to explore how pioneering engineering that helps racing cars reach their maximum potential can also be adopted by the mainstream auto industry.
To allow a free exchange of ideas competitive rivalries have been put aside will be put aside for the two-day event sponsored and hosted for the first time by Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment.

Developments in aerodynamics, tyre technology, fuel efficiency, engine management systems, new lightweight materials like carbon fibre, and powertrain systems will all be put under the spotlight to see how they can help the auto-makers meet strict the new European carbon reduction standards.

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