Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Air Cleaners for Law Enforcement: Military technology meets modern day evidence protection

Electrocorp’s RAP air cleaners are the latest evolution in must-have high-tech equipment for law enforcement. Designed for a broad spectrum of dangerous airborne contaminants, RAP air scrubbers protect stored evidence and evidence handlers from aspergillus mold spores, microorganisms, chemicals, gases, odors, and particles.

These tough industrial units are designed for 24/7 continuous use and feature technology originally developed by the military for hazardous airborne toxins. The units work by continually drawing in a large volume of contaminated air through a 360ยบ air intake system. The air then passes through three stages of filtration including a pre-filter, advanced electrostatic particle filter and a deep-bed activated carbon filter with the largest available surface area. This point is key to the superior protection of the RAP units, as a large carbon surface area is vital for permanently eliminating complex pollutants.

Currently used by law enforcement agencies across America, units in the RAP series can also be custom-built to address specific air quality concerns in various departments.

For a custom product recomendation contact air quality expert Michael Graham, presenter at the 2010 convention for Texas property and evidence technicians.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Outside Sales Reps Wanted

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Electrocorp's business development team is currently seeking experienced and motivated outside sales reps to develop new and existing accounts within their respective territories. 

Our 100+ units compliment many other product lines. 
Superior technical support and live training provided via the web. 

Please forward all inquires to:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Air Purifiers for Xylene and Formalin Exposure

Chronic exposure to xylene and formalin is well-documented as a significant health hazard, yet these compounds are still routinely used for processing and staining in histology laboratories.

Despite the implementation of traditional laboratory filtration technologies such as fume hoods and incorporated air filters, histotechnologists are still suffering the effects of chemical exposure.

A New Approach to Air Filtration for Xylene and Formalin

Electrocorp air purifiers for Xylene and Formalin are stand-alone air scrubbers that offer enhanced protection from airborne chemicals. Fitted with the deepest, most extensive carbon beds in the industry, our air purifiers for laboratories are designed to target compounds with high molecular weights such as xylene.

Our carbon can also be impregnated with potassium permanganate for lower molecular weight compounds such as formaldehyde. These deep-bed carbon filters physically bind the chemical contaminants and while a medical-grade HEPA filter captures contaminated airborne dust and other particulate.

Allerair’s Recommended Air Purifiers for Xylene and Formalin Exposure:

Rap 204

5000 DX Vocarb
For more information on our Air Purifiers for Xylene and Formalin, contact our laboratory air quality expert Gershon Katz at 1-866-667-0297.


“Xylene vapour is absorbed rapidly from the lungs and xylene liquid and vapour are absorbed slowly through the skin (Riihimaki and Pfaffli, 1978). Chronic occupational exposure has been associated with neuropsychological and neurophysiological dysfunction, anaemia, thrombocytopaenia, leukopaenia, chest pain with ECG abnormalities, dyspnoea and cyanosis (Langman, 1994).”

_-Biological Monitoring of Low Level Occupational Xylene Exposure and the Role of Recent Exposure; G. A. JACOBSON and S. McLEAN ; Ann Occup Hyg (2003) 47 (4): 331-336.

A reproductive study of workers exposed to workplace solvents has confirmed what safety experts have long suspected: the fetus is at risk (Khattak et al.,1999). This research is the first to combine prospective and retrospective approaches. The surprising facet of this study is the magnitude of the risk to the unborn child. While many health studies demonstrate significant differences only through statistical comparisons, these findings are so unequivocal that anyone can see clearly just how serious the threat is to human health.
-The Innovator, Volume 4, Number 1, Winter 2001

Update: Read more about xylene and the health effects associated with xylene exposure in this blog post: Occupational safety and health: Xylene exposure