RSU Series

Versatile air purifiers for odor removal
RSU Series: Get rid of odors fast
with these powerful air purifiers.
Electrocorp’s Radial Scrub Unit (RSU) series represents one of the most versatile and effective series in the company’s diverse lineup of industrial-strength air purifiers.

The units are available in many different sizes and feature a deep-bed activated carbon filter for the removal of chemicals, gases and odors as well as an electrostatic particle filter.

The powerful HEPA + carbon combination gives these air purification systems an extensive adsorbent area, allowing them to capture odor-causing pollutants more quickly than other units.

They can accommodate between 18 and 360 pounds of activated carbon and can be customized even more with regards to the filter media and carbon blends.

Simple and impressive air purification solution

The RSU units are portable, free-standing, plug-and-go air purifiers with a round design for maximum efficiency.  Users can easily change the air flow according to preference.

The main body of the air purifier is covered by a wrap-around pre-filter to capture larger particles and allow for large-volume air intake. The RSU will clean the air and then recirculate it in the room.

The overall design and capabilities of the RSU Series makes these units the best choice for clients who need fast and effective chemical and odor relief.

Industries that benefit from RSU units include:
Electrocorp is a global leader in the research and development of complete and reliable air quality management solutions for industrial and commercial odor removal that feature the most filtration media on the market for the most reasonable prices. For more information, call  one of our air quality experts at 1.888.667.0297.

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