I-6500 Series

Superior air cleaning for polluted environments
I-6500 Series: Complete air cleaning solution
for commercial and industrial use
In industrial or commercial settings where biological contaminants, odors and particles are the main concern, the I-6500 has become one of Electrocorp’s most sought-after units.

With its sleek, cabinet-style design and small footprint, this powerful air cleaner is as tall as it is effective. The all-metal unit takes in dirty air on the bottom and pushes it through a multi-stage filtration system before it releases the purified air on top, allowing for large-volume airflow and circulation.

The I-6500 series features the most activated carbon for chemical, gas and odor control in its price class and can accommodate 80 pounds or up to 160 pounds of this highly adsorbent filtration media.  A wide range of carbon blends helps to mitigate almost any chemical, gas and odor problem.

Cleaner air with Carbon + HEPA filter combination

These versatile air cleaners also remove particles from the ambient air with an ultra-efficient HEPA filter as well as particle-trapping pre-filters, which prolong the life of the other filters. A pressure gauge facilitates the monitoring of the filters and indicates when a change is required. It is possible to add UV light technology to help neutralize any biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses.

The filter compartment of the I-6500 Series is easily accessible through a hinged door that is secured with latches. No tools are required. A second, similar door provides access to the motor compartment. The motor can run on two speeds at 750 CFM (cubic feet per minute) up to 1000 CFM (and in customized units up to 1500 CFM). We recommend running it at the lowest speed, which is the most effective for activated carbon.

The I-6500 air purifiers function as stand-alone, plug-and-go units that can be moved at will on their wheels, or they can be attached to an existing HVAC system in small to medium-sized buildings.  The I-6500 complies with national and international standards and is CSA-certified.

Industries that benefit from I-6500 Series:

Contact Electrocorp to find out more and to customize the unit to help solve your specific indoor air quality problem.

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