RAP Series

Robust air cleaners with a small-footprint design
Electrocorp's RAP Series:
Powerful air cleaners
Electrocorp’s Radial Air Purifiers (RAP) series features some of the most versatile and effective air cleaners in the company’s diverse lineup of industrial-strength air purifiers.

The RAPs are available in different sizes, from 23.5” height x 12” diameter up to 62” height and 22” diameter. They feature a deep-bed activated carbon filter for the removal of chemicals, gases and odors as well as an electrostatic particle filter or a Super-HEPA.

The powerful micro-HEPA + carbon combination gives these air cleaners one of the largest and most extensive adsorbent areas, allowing them to capture odor-causing pollutants more efficiently than other units.

The RAP air cleaners can accommodate 15 to 120 pound activated carbon filters and can be customized even more with regards to the filter media and carbon blends.

Around-the-clock air cleaning

The RAP units are portable, free-standing, plug-and-go air purifiers with a round design for maximum efficiency.  They are engineered for around-the-clock operation with a quiet, modern design.

The main body of the air purifier is covered by metal mesh housing, combining a large-volume air intake with robust and protective features.
RAP air cleaners can have a UV
lamp for added protection.

The overall design and capabilities of the RAP Series makes these units the best choice for clients who need fast and effective chemical and odor relief and who are concerned about biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses, since the RAPs can also be equipped with a UV light.

Recommended industries for the RAP air filters:
Electrocorp is a leader in the research and development of complete and reliable air quality management solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

For more information, visit electrocorp.net or call 1.888.667.0297.

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