About Electrocorp

Established in 1985, Electrocorp researches and develops air quality management solutions for manufacturing, police evidence handling, laboratories and numerous industrial and commercial applications.

Electrocorp uses advanced activated carbon and HEPA filtration technology, proven to be the most effective and versatile system for solving difficult indoor air quality issues.

Our success is driven by a knowledgeable team of air quality experts and a dedicated sales force who provide outstanding service and quality products renowned for their reliability and performance.

Electrocorp odor controllers and industrial air purifiers feature smart design solutions that provide the most efficient balance of performance, safety, quality and price to maximize your investment.

Our units feature a simple yet effective cleaning system with the most filtration media available. That means more efficient, more reliable units that require less maintenance.

With our years of experience in industrial odor control and commercial air purification, Electrocorp can provide the most customized solution for virtually any industrial air quality problem. Our in-house technical design team can also provide custom modifications, accessories and custom-built units.

Electrocorp’s expert team of indoor air quality consultants are standing-by to provide a recommendation for your specific air quality issue.

Our specialists are available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) at 1-866-667-0297 or via our web-based live support.

Other ways to connect with us:
Website: www.electrocorp.net
General Inquiries: info@electrocorp.net
Sales & Marketing: sales@electrocorp.net

On Twitter: @Electrocorp_Air

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